10th August: Seaford Park v Mahogany Rise

We played Mahogany Rise on Friday 10th August. We went to the oval and we practised our catching, we stood in a circle around Ryan and he threw it to us. Mahogany came, and we started the game. Ryan did rock paper scissors and he chose for us to field. We were winning because we kept throwing to Taimana who was on third base. Then it was our turn to bat. Ryan went first at batting. We won 15 to 10. We shook hands with the other team and said “good job”, then we went over to see how the footy was going. We had lunch while getting our footy jumpers off.


On the 10th August we played a football match against Mahogany Rise. It was a windy day, but we managed to pull through with a 4-point win. The players of the game were Rodney, Dakota, Charntae, Lachlan, Thomas and Danny. The scores were 24 to 29. Our goal kickers were Dakota, Rodney, Akon and Danny. We would like to thank Mr Hoppen for umpiring and Mrs Fisher and the parents for cutting up the oranges.


17th August: Seaford Park v Aldercourt

On the 17th August, at interschool sports t-ball and footy competed against Aldercourt Primary School. Before they came we practiced our throwing and catching skills. We stood in a circle and Sam and Evelyn threw the ball to us. When Aldercourt came they chose to field first. On the first half we were winning so we took a break and ate the oranges. Then the second half began. Aldercourt got a lot of home runs in the second half. At the end of the game it was a tie, the score was 16 to 16. We shook hands with Aldercourt and said ‘good game’. We packed up and went to watch the footy match. We would like to thank Ms French and Mr Hoppen for giving us motivation.


24th August: Seaford Park v St Anne’s

On Friday 24th August we played against St. Anne’s. We lost 54 to 35. From my perspective the footy team put in all they had and did not stop trying throughout the football match. Unfortunately they were the better side this week beating us by 19 points. All the players took the defeat heavily which is good because it will encourage everyone to try harder and understand that the players on the other team want to win as well. But seriously they deserve a round of applause for the way they played. Dakota, Rodney, Danny, Ethan, Teagan and Thomas stood out with their runs to get the ball to our goals and their all-round sportsmanship.


7th September: Lightning Premiership

On Friday 7th September our T-ball team went to Belvedere Park Primary School for the Lightning Premiership. Schools from the Seaford District were there such as Kananook, St. Anne’s, Aldercourt, Mahogany Rise and Belvedere Park. Our first game was at 9.40 and we lost. We won 3 out of 5 games that we played so that was great. Our best catchers in our team were Huey, Taimana, Vada and Evelyn. Thanks to our team we came second place tied with Kananook, and Belvedere was first place. That is great for our grade fives that played this year because next year they can try as hard and come first. From last year we have improved.


On the 7th September the football team and the tee ball team walked over to Belvedere Park Primary School. When we arrived the tee ball team and the football team broke up into our teams. The football team walked down to the oval to get ready and have a practise before our first game. Our first game we competed against St. Anne’s, it was a hard match but unfortunately, we lost. The next game we played against Mahogany Rise and sadly again we lost. The last 3 games against Aldercourt, Kananook and Belvedere. Unfortunately, we came 6th in the Lightening Premiership. From my prospective the football team played well. I would like to mention Zac and Danny for being captains for the year.