Grade 5/6A has been trying to achieve to improve Nude Food Tuesday, and we would love everyone to try and bring nude food everyday (hopefully). The grade 5/6 went to an excursion to Phillip Island to learn about the environment and how to keep a lovely habitat for us and the rest of the animals around us. When having nude food don’t bring plastic bags and wrappers, put your food in a box or container so that you can reuse it for a while. We went to see the seals and the little penguins and to see all micro plastic washed up in the beach. If you don’t know what micro plastics are, they are little specks of plastic and they are very bad for the environment, so we would love to tell the Phillip Island people about this goal. Most of our goal is to get 80% or even more students in our school to be nude food helpers. I have made a poster so that we will be putting the percentages of the whole school that has nude food. Please help our school and protect the environment.   By Tori and Alesia