In a recent Newsletter I wrote about our Partnership with Real Schools and the Restorative Practices approach we’re implementing.


In a nutshell, Restorative Practices are about helping your kids to grow into responsible and empathic young people who can work effectively with others. 


Given that it’s far more effective if we tackle that task with the support of our parents, I’d like to give you a glimpse of the things you’d notice in a restorative school that might be different to what we experienced when we were kids:

When we …

We choose to …

Because …

Experience conflict and tension

We question the students about who has been affected and how.  We then focus attention on what needs to be done to fix that.

We don’t take short cuts when it comes to responsibility.  You learn responsibility by taking it – in the company of teachers who support you to get the job done.

Speak to students

We use Affective Statements where feelings are referred to.  Instead of “Hey, pick that rubbish up” we say “I’m disappointed to see you do that.  Put it in the bin please.”

The sheer volume of these opportunities teaches young people empathy far more effectively than making a poster about it on a Wednesday afternoon.

Are teaching

We use circles for instruction, for checking-in, for preparing and responding to events.

We want to send a regular message to your children that we’re doing education WITH them and not TO them.


There’s a lot more to it, but this is a great place to start in understanding why your child may come home saying they experienced some of the practices outlined above.


We are all learning about Restorative Practices together in our quest to build and sustain a strong, relational culture around Seaford Park Primary School.




Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware we are currently having a School Review this term at Seaford Park PS.  All schools have a review every four years. The review is conducted by an independent school reviewer, Robert Miller, who is coordinating a panel consisting of the DET Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL), external challenge partners and school leaders including the School Council President. The panel examines the achievements of the school over the last four years and in discussions with parents, staff and students assists the school to determine the achievement goals for the school’s Strategic Plan outlining the focuses for the school over the next four years.


As part of the process the reviewer will conduct a parent discussion on:

Monday November 11, 2.30 – 3.20pm.

The reviewer is interested in your views regarding your child’s learning at the school and your views of the school’s processes and procedures and suggestions you may have for any improvements for the school. If you would like to be part of the Parent Forum please let the office staff know.