School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports

We use the  School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework to support student behaviour and engagement at Seaford Park Primary School. SWPBS is an evidence-based approach that establishes a positive social culture that helps to create an effective learning environment for all students.


The implementation of SWPBS involves teaching our students the expected behaviours and reinforcing them when they do the right thing. By teaching students how we want them to behave and supporting them to meet those expectations, we set them up for success.


We have developed posters to support students' understanding of the expectations, an example of which has been included above. School staff use the language on these posters to redirect students that need support and to acknowledge students that demonstrate expected behaviours. The language on the poster states what we want our students to do, not what we don’t want them to do. This is a key aspect of the program.


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