Sub-committees are advisory bodies to the school council and assist council in all the work that needs to be done. They report regularly at school council meetings and provide advice and make recommendations to the school council, which has the final responsibility for decisions. Sub-committees are open to non school council members and therefore provide opportunities to involve many people in the school who are not members of school council.

Structure of sub-committees

• Each sub-committee has a nominated convenor who is usually a school council member

• All school councillors should be involved in at least one sub-committee

• Sub-committees are open to non school council members

• Sub-committees usually meet between regular school council meetings. This gives them time to

look at what has been happening in their particular area of responsibility and consider any action or follow-up that needs to be taken.

Role of sub-committee convenors

The role of the sub-committee convenor is to:

• Be the chairperson for that sub-committee and report to the full school council at the next scheduled meeting

• Ensure a written report with recommendations is provided to the principal to be included in the school council notes prior the next school council meeting

• Ensure implementation of approved recommendations are monitored

• Encourage participation from the school community and co-opt parent members or local community members when required.



Subcommittee meeting schedule



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