a wider range of roles including School Captains, House Captains, ICT Captains, Environmental Leaders, Sound Captains and Choir Captains. The positions of responsibility have been opened to the Year 5s too.  All our students are encouraged to be leaders in everything they do.

To be selected the students need to demonstrate our GREAT school values of Growth Mindset, Respect, Empathy, Attitude and Teamwork. The students were given advice to understand what leadership is and what is expected of a leader. All senior students have developed a Charter after exploring the Declaration of Human Rights. We expect our leaders and indeed, all our children to be responsible people and to demonstrate our school values.

Sandra Mayer the Frankston City Mayor attended and handed out the Leaders’ certificates and badges.

Our Leaders for 2020 are as follows: 

The School Captains’ role is to be a voice for the ideas and opinions of their peers. They need to demonstrate great communication & organisational skills, they need to show respect and restraint even during difficult times, they need to be an upstander, a hard worker and have the ability to motivate others. They take part in important school functions as representatives of Seaford Park PS. They promote the school values at all times.

Our School Captains for 2020 are:    Lilly W and Kelly

Our House Captains’ role is to lead students in their Houses (Bluegum, Wattle, Banksia and Heath). They support all members of their house and build a sense of inclusivity and pride. They play an active role in organising and participating in sporting events and exhibit sportsmanship and school values at all times.

Bluegum House Captains:  Stephen & Laiyla

Banksia House Captains:  Brydie & Javier

Heath House Captains:  Kiara & Indiana

Wattle House Captains:  Branden & Brodie

The role of an Environmental Leader is to educate the school community on how to care for our environment both at school, at home and in the wider world. They play an active role in conserving energy, reducing waste and recycling materials. They will be involved in the planning of the new indigenous garden.

Our Environmental Leaders for 2020 are:  Matilda & Ava B.L

Choir Captains will demonstrate confidence, responsibility and reliability. They will have good listening skills and show initiative. Their role will be to lead the choir in Ms Jones absence and speak in front of an audience when introducing the choir.

Our Choir Captains is:  Makaira

The Sound Captains’ role is to set up and pack away the sound system and prepare items required for school events such as usb for playing music. They ensure the equipment is well maintained and not damaged. Sound Captains show initiative, problem solving skills, are good listeners and are resilient.

The 2020 Sound Captains are:  Aiyana & Mia