Professional Learning Communities

The teaching staff at Seaford Park Primary School use a Professional Learning Communities approach to curriculum planning and design.  This involves the teachers working in teams to analyse the student data, engaging in professional learning based on evidence and researching best practice.  The teams meet weekly to share their practice, discuss student progress and plan specific targets for the week ahead.  


The Junior PLC (Prep - Year 2) meets every Wednesday while the students are at their specialist classes.  In Semester 1, they worked on subitising as one of the foundational skills in Mathematics and achieved outstanding results (all of the students can now subitise to at least 5 with some students excelling to subitise beyond 10, involving combining two or more sets). Through Semester 2, the team have been working on Place Value, referring to the work of Di Siemon and Booker et. al.  They have developed a learning continuum, against which each student is placed, and targeted groups have been created.  The team continued to run virtual small-group sessions during remote learning, observing the students as they responded to challenging tasks and monitoring their progress and the development of their understanding.  Post-assessments will be carried out on our return to onsite-learning to evaluate our progress. 


The Senior PLC (Years 3 - 6) has focused their attention on the same concepts as the Junior PLC this year - subitising in Semester 1 and Place Value in Semester 2.  They began by critically analysing the assessments available to them and ensuring that the data they had collected was providing a clear and over-arching view of student achievement.  While the students' understanding of Place Value is at a more advanced level than the junior students, the team identified gaps in their knowledge and have been working to ensure those gaps are filled.  It is expected that this work will support learning across the curriculum as the students will have a deep understanding of number of how numbers work.  


For more information on Professional Learning Communities, please visit the Department of Education and Training's website.