Professional Learning Communities

The teaching staff at Seaford Park Primary School use a Professional Learning Communities approach to curriculum planning and design.  This involves the teachers working in teams to analyse the student data, engaging in professional learning based on evidence and researching best practice.  The teams meet weekly to share their practice, discuss student progress and plan specific targets for the week ahead.  


The Junior PLC (Prep - Year 2) meets every Wednesday while the students are at their specialist classes.  In Term 1, we are continuing the work we started in 2021 with a focus on the foundational skills in Mathematics - Additive Thinking. We have assessed all of the students and identified the strategies that the students need to learn in order to be successful.  These include MACA (Make All, Count All), COFL (Count On From Larger) and Up/Back (Count Up or Back).




The Senior PLC (Years 3 - 6) are also working on addition strategies this term. Following an analysis of the data from our assessments, the teachers agreed to focus on the three initial strategies (MACA, COFL, Up/Back) with the students in Years 3 and 4 and on the 'Derived Strategies' in Years 5 and 6. The 'Derived Strategies' include, Doubles, Near Doubles, Build to Next 10, Build to Next Ten +/-1 and Fact Families.  


The success of our work in 2021 led to our student outcomes increasing significantly.  In recognition of this work, our school has begun to have an influence over other schools in the state.  We have been invited to present to the other schools in the Northern Peninsula Network in February and are hosting a visit by representatives from schools in the Beachside Network in March. 


For more information on Professional Learning Communities, please visit the Department of Education and Training's website.